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ASU+GSV Summit

Valor at ASU+GSV Summit 2022

We were happy to be in San Diego to participate on a panel at the ASU+GSV Summit 2022. The conference is the most important one on Education in the USA, gathering founders, investments and thought leaders from all around the world.

Our Principal Carol Lacombe sat down to discuss innovation regarding the sector in Brazil. The country is one of the most capitalized edtech markets in the world. She was joined on stage by Sebastian Mackinlay (Digital House), Leticia Lyle (Camino Education), Iona Szurnik (Education Journey), Fernando Franco (Provi), and Sullyen Almeida (monashees).

April 06, 2022
Kauffman Fellows

Valor at Kauffman Fellows LatAm Summit

Our team was the Kauffman Fellows Latam Summit in Mexico City, where we met with founders, investors and network from all over Latin America. Valor’s Managing Partner, Scott Sobel, was a speaker at the event, sheding a bit of light into the investment landscape in the region. He was joined by Luis Cervantes (General Atalntic), Shu Nyatta (Softbank), and Claire Ortiz (Kleiner Perkins).

March 29, 2022

Valor Community Pillars

We are proud to have, as part of Valor's community, some of the greatest minds and most influential individuals and institutions across geographies, industries, and generations. We are fortunate to be able to leverage our community to gather global insights, to make better informed investment decisions, and to create value and impact. The power of the community is in creating an open and collaborative environment to build long term and prosperous relationships.